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Action Air-Elec Air Conditioning services, repairs and maintenance. If it has been a over a year since your air conditioner has been serviced, Action Air-Elec service, repair and maintain split system air conditioning systems.

The benefits of servicing your air conditioner:

First of all, to ascertain and ensure your air conditioner is working correctly and to its capacity.
To gain efficiency. A faulty or blocked air conditioning unit can be up to 30% less efficient.

Action Air-Elec air conditioner service and maintenance steps:

​The first step is to test your air conditioning unit with a thermometer and air flow meter before we service it. This allows us to start our diagnosis of your system and gauge if it is running efficiently and correctly.

If there are no major issues, Action Air-Elec will clean both indoor and outdoor units and carry out the following:
1. ​Remove all particle and pollen filters and wash
​2. If required spray indoor unit coil with special coil cleaner that also disinfects and deodorizers and kills any mould deposits
3. Spray drain cleaner, to loosen any deposits and kill mould deposits
4. Spray outdoor unit coil with special coil cleaner, leave for approx. 10 to 20 minutes and then hose or pressure wash the outdoor coil and unit
5. Wipe down unit and ensure the unit is functioning
6. Check Gas pressures
7. Re-test system with thermometer and air flow meter

Other items not included in general service:

* Re-gassing
* Steam cleaning or high pressure water cleaning indoor unit coil and blower fan
* Air conditioning repairs
​*Air conditioner Rust Proofing

Included in Action Air-Elec split system air conditioning service:

1. Remove and wash filters with cleaner/disinfectant. 
2. Spray indoor fan coil with a disinfectant, deodoriser and special cleaner. (This cleans mould deposits on coil it also cleans grime build up in drains)
3. Wash down outdoor unit.            
4. Check operation and condition of air conditioner. 
5. Check gas pressure and if required we recommend the Action Air-Elec gas top up service. 
6. Wipe down indoor unit and ensure unit is functioning as designed

​Not Included in 5th Star service:

1. Disassemble machine to clean.
2. Disassembling drains to locate blockage. 
3. Find or fix any gas leaks. (However if a 5th Star technician does find a problem, it will be recommended for repair in the report) 
4. Acid wash indoor unit due to excess dust build up due to poor maintenance. 
5. Cost of the gas top will incur an extra fee and price will be directly in relation to amount of kilos used and gas type. 
6. Replacement filters

If required.Gas types: R22, R32, R410a-